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A Day in Addu City Hospital

I belong to Addu. I love my atoll, and yes, my island too. What I love about Addu Hithadhoo the most is that we always know Hithadhoo is the second most developed island in nation. Yes the next best to the capital Male'. So, a week back, i spent quiet a lot of time in Hithadhoo Regional Hospital as one my my aunts was admitted there. Here, I'd like to share few photos that we got during our stay. Thanks to Shamin for the help. BIO HAZARDS. I'd not be shocked to see this label "BIO HAZARDS" in a hospital, but I couldn't understand how I could explain me seen this just next to the cot where a new borne baby was sleeping. I don't know, the dictionary puts it this way. "a biological agent or condition (as infectious organism or insecure laboratory procedure)that constitutes hazard to human or environment " Baalidhee Hospital No comments!!! ...not to mention this is a common factor, and the computer used in the reception(which is said to be the fac