30 September 2009

A Black Thursday?

USA is and continues to be one of the largest and leading economies on earth. Any economic problem to the USA is taken as an international issue. No doubt it will be so as they contribute so much to the world economy. One such well know issue was the black Thursday, also known as the Great Crash of 1929. This was an incidence where the stock market of USA saw a devastating crash, which some says is the worst such scenario other than the great depression.

They are big events in big countries with big economies. It is very obvious that small countries like Maldives will not see such economic events unfolding. Yet, I am afraid, that tomorrow, the Thursday, the 1st of October is going to be a beginning of our Black Thursday. Of cause of our 'size'.

This is going to be a Black Thursday more to the government than to the people. Let me tell you some reasons why I feel so.

Tomorrow is going to mark the beginning of "low salary" era. The 10%-20% reduction in the salary will affect many people in different ways. This opens a golden opportunity for the opposition to create doubts about the new governments credibility in the minds of people. The reduction in allowances could also mean protests, low productivity of workers, and the reduction of support to the government and to the worse, might lead to wastage of governments resources.

Tomorrow is also going to mark the beginning of the next term of the Parliament. Many important bills are awaiting. The Maumoon's bill for DRP and the Province bill for MDP are two important names I guess I should mention. The reality is that DRP holds a majority in the Parliament, which of cause means no more honeymoon.

Yesterday, president Nasheed is back from UN General Assembly . The speech he gave was quite impressive for most of the Maldivians except the part about Israel. Many Maldivians including the supporters of the present government does question the morality of the decision to have a good relationship with Israel, who the Islamic world sees as the enemy of Palestine. Maybe, the argument of the government is well reasonable. Yet I doubt that many will be able to digest those reasons. The criticism to this will be coming in the days ahead.

This three is enough to believe that government of Nasheed is going to face some tough days ahead. With DRP hell-bent on bringing an end to Nasheed government, I think tomorrow is going to be the beginning of these waves. Of cause if he gets through these three months (which I believe he will), this Thursday will not be the black Thursday. If not, tomorrow will be our the black Thursday for the first democratic government of this nation.


21 September 2009

A special and memorable day in life..... :)

After the Teaching Practice (TP) for almost 2 months, this Eid holidays is also my college holidays as I am not yet in Male'. Since I did the TP in Addu, some of my friends planned a fish trip. So here is the very different experience of us.

First, six of us could not get a Bokkuraa, (shame on us?) the wife of one of us arranged it for us.
One of the friends who was supposed return from Fuahmulak today noon delayed it to tomorrow. Meaningly? No more captain for the trip!!! Who else will lead. First problem. Hmmm its poor me. Me? Believe me, I went out on a Bokkuraa only 3times in life. That too as 'a boy'. Anyway, we did not give up. We decided we will go. There we go........................

Next, we packed up a lot, baits, lines, hooks, coke, water, biscuits and everything. Be frank, we didn't miss anything, at least not yet! Though we all are from Hithadhoo, we had to get on to Bokkuraa from Feydhoo since that is where we got it. Yea, there were a lot of people near the harbor. We loaded our stuffs and started with our business. This seems to be a good Bokkuraa. So is the owner of it since he was kind enough to give us the key of 'engine' too. I think that's not an engine rather its an outboard motor, which in Maldives is well known as Dhavvaa engine.(so I'd continue with that local name). The engine was pulled up and we had to push it back so that it'd touch the water!!! Problem two...we could not push it back.

So? The crowd was watching and there is no way we could stop over there even. We decided to 'go ahead'. Guess what, we started the journey with the traditional oar (fali). Oh my God, Six Maldivians who are said to be living in a nation with 99% oceans, yet unable to start an outboard motor? No comments..... After going out of sight, we tried and managed to push back the engine. Wow, congratulations. We did it. I been the only one who ever touched this so called engine started the journey from there on. Alas, just few seconds, it stopped. It was there that I made the very unfortunate discovery. The engine was there. Yet the oil tank, which has to be connected was nowhere to be found. Problem three. Shall we go back and get it? NO WAY. We'd rather go with fali (oar).

Then we tried to find a coral where we'd stop and start to catch fish. Excuse me. We are from Hithadhoo and now we are outside Feydhoo. How could we find one? Add to that, there is no one here with a good fishing experience, as our captain isn't here either. Problem four. If no place is found,then no fish. We tried here and there. Nothing. Just nothing. At last we found a guy, alone on a Bokkuraa. We decided to go near him as we can see him enjoying a good catch. Going to destroy his wonderful day even? Who cares. We went. Thank God he realized whats going on. Showed us the place to set the anchor, and offered to stay near him. Thank you that Anonymous man. lol. He even assured that we can get a good catch from there. It didn't take long to get the first catch of the day. No doubt, it was the last catch too!!! Don't ask me what type of fish we got. None of us knew and we asked the guy on the other Bokkuraa. He said he don't know the local name and told us a nick name that he uses. I am not going to mention that name. I respect ladies.

After 2hours, we decided it was time to go. Problem five. One fish? There are people who will wait to see how much we caught. Leave it. We'd make a good story. :) With a lot of struggle we came near Feydhoo. We had to enter from the "neru" (I don't know the English word for that). Suddenly came a wave. The Bokkuraa was nearly upside down. God! Please, we already had enough. Problem six. We found that with the wave we were nearing the reef. It should not happen. With lots of struggle and a collective work, we managed to enter without any problems.

Finally......hmmm a breath of relief. We tied the rope and started with cleaning the Bokkuraa. The finishing touches right? An Engine Dhaoni came before we left the Bokkuraa. Good for us. People will not ask us about our catch. Suddenly.... I don't know if it was bombs or bullets that were coming out of his mouth. Who gave you this Bokkuraa? Who Asked you to touch it? Who gave you the permission to take it? Thank God, there wasn't a bad word from his mouth yet, it was "shocking". Problem Seven. We were in the wrong Bokkuraa. Luckily, after we explained he also agreed that since both the Bokkuraa were identical and with same type engines its possible to happen as we were not from Feydhoo even.

This is our very special, memorable, frightening, and I guess enjoyable fishing trip. Hope you enjoyed reading the story of a day in our life.

20 September 2009

As we celebrate the Eidul Fithuru...

Today, we the Muslims around the world (in most countries) are celebrating the Eid. The day that we celebrate after a month of fasting. A month of prayers, a month of forgiveness.

I wish every the Muslim brothers and sister around the world Eid Mubarak. As we celebrate the Eid, as we thank God for His mercy and as we pray for his forgiveness, lets not forget many sufferings of Muslims around the globe. Let us include them in our prayers. The Muslims in Palestine, Chechnya, Iraq, Kashmir and so on.

May Allah bless all the Muslims and make the Islamic world better and prosperous.

07 September 2009

Top News..........President, VP greet Maldovan President.

Its been almost a year since this post appeared on the news site. Yet, its just now that I came across the site, and was surprised that a wrong photo of the President of Maldives appeared.

So just thought to share with all.