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Switching from nepotism to spoil system...

Last weeks I got the chance to watch the program, Maadhdhaa 27(chapter 27)on TVM. I like the way they tried to compare the present president and former president and their regimes. For me, that was one of the few reports TVM was able to present without much bias to any side. However, government seemed to be upset with the way the report was sent. Surely they didn't like the part where the report stated that there are family members of president Mr. Nasheed in the present government. I think they were right partially as the members that TVM mentioned were not so close as the names mentioned about President Maumoon regime. So I thought of the situation. For me neither is as good as we think. What I found was that both did the mistake to the same extent, yet the difference is how they did it. Nepotism It is very much true that there were many members of President Maumoon family in the high posts of government. I would not want to waste my time and your time writing all the names as it