The reality of the illusion is that all lines are parallel. Specificity rule? The problem is not with the line!!! Its with your eyes.hehe:)
While doing a module on International Economics, I came across the term Specificity rule which I think could give us a hint to better understand the situation of our problems as well. This is an economics term, yet, as long as it gives the message that I want to give, and you understand it, I am happy.
Specificity rule states that any economics problem needs to be dealt by not looking at the mere problem, but by looking at the source of the problem. "The principle that the optimal policy for correcting a distortion is one that deals most directly, or specifically, with that distortion."(1)

So, lets apply specificity rule on some of the issues in our society that disturbs and worries us.

 1. Majlis. Please, for heaven sake don't ask me if we have problems in our Majlis. But why does it happen? Is it because of MDP or DRP? Is it because the members are not good? Is it because they are stupid? Is it because they are so selfish? It can be any of those!!! However, the reality is, we did not use our vote wisely to elect a credible MP. 

 2. Drugs. Drugs nearly have destroyed a whole generation. Why are we still having the same problem even now? Before we said the last regime members were dealers. Now are we going to say that the present regime also started on drug business? Are we going to open more and more rehabilitation centers and watch another generation destroyed? Is it because of those "parteys"? Is it because of dealers. Maybe! However, the root cause for the whole drug issue in Maldives is that we are unable to stop it entering the country

 3. Crimes. Crimes are so common now. It is now more like a sport as we see the news of one crime or the other at every news hour. Who is to blame? Their parents? The government? The courts? The police? No, not really. The reason behind the repeated crimes is that they are not dealt properly. A honeymoon in jail will not do the magic. We need to strong and solid justice system which is also implemented. The real fact is that we do not punish the criminals. (Punishing and harming are two very different things.) 

 Now, with this three areas, I hope we will get a chance to better think of our problems we face and what really is wrong. One problem is that we just tend to believe whatever another person says. Specificity rule? you are not thinking on your own:). 

1 . http://www.asiaecon.org/index.php/glossary/get_definition/Specificity%20rule Illusion: www.optical-illusions.info