New terms

This time I present a list of few terms that we came across and got familiar during the political changes that our country saw. Guess this will be just a good idea to recall these once again.

1. Isthiufa- Before the political changes started most of the time this word will be heard from the International news, except a rare case where a minister resigns.

2. Golhaabo- This I heard was a nick name given in Huvadhoo Atoll for a person who steals Toddy from the coconut palm at night.

3. Nizaamee Nuguthaa- This was so famous among us, I wonder if any wife ever stopped her husband from divorcing her using a Niazaamee Nuguthaa!!! (Point of Order).

4. Membalhun- comments.

5- Postmortem / autopsy- We got friendly with this term after late Hussain Solah case.

6. Madhanee Basneyhun- Something I never imagined in Maldives till I saw it. (civil disobedience).

7. Civil society- ............

8. Commission- example: Civil Service Commission, Human Rights Commission.

9. Inthigaalee- Transitional.

10- Ganjaa- Guess the last attack to Nasheed in the election. (Opium)

11. Manifesto- Day dreams or real dreams? I don't know!

12. Running mate- If your not one don't worry! Get married soon. Then you'd have one.

13. Iththihaadh- Coalition.

14. Minivian musthaggillu- Independent body.

15. Gaannoonee shakhsiyyathu- Legal identity

These are some terms that came to my mind. Surely there will be many more.