12 November 2008

New terms

This time I present a list of few terms that we came across and got familiar during the political changes that our country saw. Guess this will be just a good idea to recall these once again.

1. Isthiufa- Before the political changes started most of the time this word will be heard from the International news, except a rare case where a minister resigns.

2. Golhaabo- This I heard was a nick name given in Huvadhoo Atoll for a person who steals Toddy from the coconut palm at night.

3. Nizaamee Nuguthaa- This was so famous among us, I wonder if any wife ever stopped her husband from divorcing her using a Niazaamee Nuguthaa!!! (Point of Order).

4. Membalhun- oh...........no comments.

5- Postmortem / autopsy- We got friendly with this term after late Hussain Solah case.

6. Madhanee Basneyhun- Something I never imagined in Maldives till I saw it. (civil disobedience).

7. Civil society- ............

8. Commission- example: Civil Service Commission, Human Rights Commission.

9. Inthigaalee- Transitional.

10- Ganjaa- Guess the last attack to Nasheed in the election. (Opium)

11. Manifesto- Day dreams or real dreams? I don't know!

12. Running mate- If your not one don't worry! Get married soon. Then you'd have one.

13. Iththihaadh- Coalition.

14. Minivian musthaggillu- Independent body.

15. Gaannoonee shakhsiyyathu- Legal identity

These are some terms that came to my mind. Surely there will be many more.

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  1. I guess this is all that’s left of such hyped-up elections. All the hopes of justice for spilt blood - at best on hold. All the anticipation of the exposure of alleged corruption from Theem ge to the hospital have lost steam.

    All the high ground maneuvers of presidential residences to presidential retreats to presidential launches have petered out. All the “live-wire”, reputed astute investigative journalists suddenly all have their pens running off ink.

    All that has survived are the forked tongue professional politicians and a few additions to our vocabulary. Thanks so much ALG, for this list.


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