Anii Just SHUT UP Your Mouth!!!

Yesterday the Maldivian High Court reported that the case against the president elect Mohamed Nasheed (Anni) was rescheduled because he did not turn out.
This became a very annoying news for many Maldivians. Especially for people who tried so much to see that he wins the election. For them it will be very much disturbing when they see him been dragged to the courts even after been elected as a president. Indeed, many says the case should be withdrawn.
I disagree. Let me tell you the reasons.

1. All these days we were saying that Maumoon was above the law. If so, even after experiencing the toughness of that regime, are we going to keep Anni also above the law??? That's insane.

2. If Anni is the president of the Maldives, he will be the president of mine too as I too am a Maldivian. I had enough of a dirty background regime. At least go to court and prove that he is not guilty of a wrongdoing. Whats the big deal in it???

3. Anni always promised to be "at the reach of the people". If so, this is high time that he mean what he said and appear in the court and prove to us that he is really "our president". Why cant he prove it to us???

4. If supporters of Anni believes that it is not in the national interest for him to go and answer the court of justice, what on earth is the democracy that we were trying to get so much with so much of pain???

5. Anni did not go to court. Nor did he give a proper excuse. The excuse that Mr. Zaki gave is simply going against democracy. Why do we try to make democracy as an excuse for every action and reaction of us???

6. All these days we said Maumoon uses power. We said he breaks the rule. Now the courts are independent and free of influence. What is Anni doing by not turning to court? Isn't that breaking the law???

You can answer it by been very honest to your nation and yourself.
My point is very simple. Anni needs to be well answerable to two things. First why he went against the court order. Next he needs to be answerable to the case that is raised against him and prove to the public if he is giulty or not. If Anni fails to do it, he better just shut up his mouth and stop talking about democracy.