Maldives: A Failing State.

The news of the death of  Lawyer Mr. Ahmed Najeeb shocked me. May God bless Mr. Najeeb. Yet, it was what followed the murder,  that tempted me to go back to my blog. 
The police investigations ended in a matter of 24 hrs. Prosecutor general studied the case and  sent to court in more or less than 6 hours and withing another few hours the court filed the case against the suspected murderers.  Now the court says they will reach a sentence within just 10 days. WOW , WOW!!!  That was great. Congrats to the police, the prosecutors and the courts of justice. 

Well. Back to my topic...."Maldives: A Failing State." I said this, so for a reason.

I feel there are grave mistakes in our nation. Mistakes that we simply should not commit, or mistakes that the nation can not afford at any cost. Surely they have huge impacts on our life. The very basic principle that any nation stands will be unity, equality and rule of law. These are  essential basis without which the nation can not be complete.

I mentioned of Mr Najeeb case because I feel, the investigation, prosecution and the court rulings were unfortunately not fare for the vast majority of the nation. I feel justice is been served not on the basis of equality but on the basis of priority. Once only in recent history I saw such a  fast reaction on investigation of a death case. "Ayyubey" supposed to be a friend of former president; the famous 4th gear investigation. 

There were more and more murder cases in Maldives in recent history. I am sure it is not only some families that will suffer due to the loss of a family member. If then, why does investigators fail to give the same priority to all such cases? Do we have "blue blood" in our nation too? If not why did the prosecutors and courts fail to give equal attention to the murders of other "normal" Maldivians? If justice is not served, and if equality is not given in the courts of justice, where else do we expect it to be served in a country?  Why did the chief judge of Supreme Court today realize that death penalty can be given in Maldives even now! Sir. Where were you when all the many other Maldivians were slaughtered on the roads of this beloved soil??? Did you know that several people in this nation question the legality of the government in the country?  Thus I say our nation is moving towards a failed nation. Justice needs to be given fare and equal to all as in a civilized country. 

Everyone knows that our economy is in a bad shape. Yet, the actions of both the government and the opposition is harming our economy. Opposition demands for huge projects, and large economic activities, and public demands for high pay. Government is hell bent to do anything to win the hearts and minds of the people for the up coming election regardless of economic impact. The cow has no more milk!! Yet we seems to have a nice smile on our face as we exploit the already near collapsed economy. The high ranks gets as much as MVR60,000 to MVR80,000 as salary. The normal Maldivians get as less as MVR2500 to MVR5000. Few gets something between 10 to 15 thousand Ruffiyaa. The huge gap between the rich and poor is something that needs to be addressed. Yet out nation that claims to be a 21st democracy has yet to make a minimum wage, a pay commission and establish equality in pay roll.

Rule of Law:
The security forces are been pointed at for a coup. The justice till today failed to address the issue. Police and Military persons today has become the number one enemy of a huge percent of population. Obedience to security is almost none existing. They are often accused of misuse of power, abuses and cruelty. The large percentage of the criminals are at large. They know that they can get a few dozen life sentences, and still they can enjoy as a free bird in the country. The youth has taken the rules onto their hands. Some gangs are as powerful as a political party.

Political situation:
God sake, I will not comment to this. We have a party system that I wish to be called as "real havoc".

Basic areas: Health sector is like the least performing sector. Education sector has failed to produce the civilized citizens for the nation. Morals we no more believe in. Parents are been ruled by kids, educators are the slaves, government is a joke in the eyes of people.  Extremism of Islam and Extremism of atheism is in this nation. Cheating is a way of life. Escaping the punishments is too easy a task. Media is fully controlled either by government or by a rich politician. 

More and more, we can go on saying. All I know is the nation is moving backwards. With all these issues already on the table, the actions and reactions of a justice system towards "thier friend" makes me believe we are moving towards a failing nation.