Wearing the wrong coat

Political instability is once again back. Our roads are full of protesters. Many are worried that the nation is losing its stability, peace, and the brotherhood among its members. Yet, why did this happen?

Let me make this as simple as this. The political instability that we see in our country is a mere result of what we did with our own hands. Its not only that the two big parties are involved in these protests and violence, it is they who are to be blamed as well. This is how it happened.

Before 2008 election.


At this time MDP was in opposition and DRP was in the government. MDP as the first political party in the nation was the leader in opposition. As a leading opposition party, MDP was hell bent on bringing down the Maumoon government. With this in mind, MDP was ready to do almost anything to weaken the government.

Protests became a daily routine in Maldives. The Maldives Police Service; then a very new body, nearly broke down by trying to cope with the unimaginable situations. Day in and day out, they were on alert, with the very little resource and even less experience. MDP went on encouraging the public to continue to do so. Protests, civil disobedience, international help, strikes in jail were all new, yet so adventurous to many people of the country.

In the Majlis, MDP was the minority party. Yet MDP was not ready to give up there either. As the opposition party MDP tried its level best to make sure that every single bill that passes the Majlis reduces or minimizes the power of the 30 year old regime. And people did like this too.


DRP as the party in government, tried its level best to minimise the actions and support for the opposition. Just like MDP was not ready to give a heck to the laws and regulations, DRP too was ready to go against the rules in anyhow, if it can make MDP weak. The very iron fist shown to the protesters, the law on the assembly in Maldives and the continuous arrests of the opposition members were all done to ensure the DRP was in power.

DRP tried its level best to show to the public that the protests, were against the peace and harmony of the country. It is acts of the uncivilized people and it is done by people who wants to bring down the government which is a violation of the Constitution.

In Majlis, DRP tried to make sure that all the powers are in the hands of government, and never to let a decision making right go to Majlis, where too many "bad" people are there.


At the end, people were been very much mislead. Each party tired to engrave on the minds of its members that their party is ALWAYS right no matter what and the other party is ALWAYS wrong.

After 2008 election.

By the time the election came, the Constitution was read. DRP was more than happy that with the laws made, DRP can easily control the opposition and MDP was happy that they gave enough rights to the Majlis to make the government answerable. In short, both were ready to wear their new coats. However, in the election things turned upside down. DRP lost the election and MDP got the government.

The result is so clear, the traps the each one made to kill the other is now in the hands of other. Now I dont have much to say. MDP needs to understand that DRP is walking just on the steps that you showed and DRP needs to digest the same reality. It will not be easy to see someone wearing your own coat. This is how I could see the unrest in our country now.