Adhaalath Party sponsored Islam

I never wanted to write this article, but thought I'd not be making any justice by not writing this either.

Islam, the religion was and has been a big topic in Maldivian politics always. This became more visible with the introduction of political parties in the country. As someone who tries to understand what is going on around the nation, I always found that Islam was used as a tool and political shield. When you know that your facing a too tough a challenge politically, it is Islam that becomes the last resort.

In the political stage of Maldives, when one mentions the name Islam, the first name that comes to mind will be Adhaalath. To be very frank, I never doubted their genuineness as they struggled in the process of reform and bringing down the government of President Maumoon. Many Maldivians say that Adhaalath is the only 'Islamic' party in Maldives. (I wonder which is the non-Muslim party)

Today, I feel comfortable enough to say that Adhaalath is either becoming the bad boy just like others, if not was hiding the real face before.
Here are some reasons why I say so.

1. Handshake is not allowed between a Muslim men and women. Though I did not mention during the heated up campaign, I did see that the senior scholars were with the presidential candidate Mr. Gasim Ibrahim when he went from island to island shaking hand with hundreds of ladies. Was it OK until winning the election?

2. Buruga- It seems President Maumoon was so very wrong when then first lady Nasreena didn't cover her hair. Now the present first lady is not covering either!!! I never heard them calling for that. Well, if you say former was a religious scholar and present one is not, cant you teach this poor boy; president Nasheed?

3. One thing that was criticized a lot was that former government tired to cut down to size any religious association. Its a big secret that all knows, that even now some religious associations are been "disturbed." Maybe those who left the party and tries to convey the messages of religion without been under the party umbrella are in hot seats.

4. Quran is the book of Islam. The Dhivehi translation of Quran had too many mistakes and we heard the previous government sent too hell for this wrong act. The same act was done again. The same translation was distributed without corrections. If alcohol could be one big mistake, I wonder how many big mistakes a mistranslated book of religion could create.

5. At last, something that we came across recently. Some students of College (the people who are supposed to be taking the responsibilities of tomorrow) took and initiative to carry out an Islamic lecture. When a well known scholar was requested, students were redirected to party office. The answer from there as simple as this. The scholar can go, but only in the name of party!!! (No comments. I wont say they tried to sell anything, but people may)

When all these came, I just thought like this. No one is so very much in love with religion. But to get the attention of public, the name is used. For me, it seems like Islam is a good brand, that many are ready to get sponsorship from.