Today MVR 1 billion. Tomorrow US$1 billion?

The hundred day of this government was very much celebrated. Yet, did you know today we are counting the 139th day since the Audit report of the largest corruption ever in the nation was published.

I am talking about this because I belong to this nation, and I am talking about a MVR1.22 billion taken out of the state. Well, in a nation where in 2016 the na

tional budget was MVR 27 billion, and we are saying 4.5% of the national budget equivalent was taken by one corruption scandal. 
As per the government of President Mr. Yamin, this was the notorious act of then his vice president Mr. Ahmed Adheeb. 

However, there are reason why, I as a son of this nation feel disturbed. There are reason to be concerned of as I am talking of the money that does not belong to any one or any family, but rather belong to every citizen of this beloved nation. 

Interestingly, according to the audit report, the one reason why a corruption of this scale occurred was due to ignoring of the 2014 audit report which clearly mentions of suspected corruption and the recommended actions. 

Where was Mr president then? Was he waiting to raise the issue till "the attempt to assassinate the president"? Why was actions not taken by then?
Where was the Anti Corruption Commission back then? Awaiting for the luxury flats by the government which they claim brings no change to their integrity? OK Ok forget it!! 

People needs the answers. How such a large scale of corruption occurred in such a short period of time. Where is the check and balance system in our democracy that we brought by so much of toil. 

This US$ 79.37million was not lost by mistake, nor is this a case that could be forgotten. 
If, President Yamin is committed to find the money of the people, why even after 100 days we never saw the money coming back, or even a sign of it regaining. Is the government expecting that sending few who are involved in corruption consoles the people from the loss. Is our investigative system so weak? If it is weak, why international parties were not brought to investigate and recover the biggest corruption done by your very vice president? Well, the argument can be, we will mange our things on our own. Excuse me, we had mediators for all party talks, we brought someone after 2012 fall of President Nasheed government and we even brought to investigate launch blast too. 

Now I have a question, how will i trust? Our vice president has taken MVR1.22billion by the lease of several islands. The question is how can i really believe that the 15,000 flat construction program that was launched and handed to 5 international companies were in the best interest of the nation. Well in a country where the Anti Corruption Commission people says is for a name sake. How can I believe that the project to build new Finance building and IGMH building which costs MVR2 billion was really the not another leakage of people's money? I have reason to believe as today's parliament is more a rubber stamp of the government, which ignored both the projects i above mentioned regardless of been awarded without any bid process. 

Today, as we open the eyes for the 140th day after the MMPRC Audit report, the wrong I feel is turned. Government is working to remove the part of the Act that required them to go for an open budget to lease islands. Today we are moving one step behind. I am not talking about the Charity foundation of first lady, which happened to get 10 tonns of the 50 tonne dates gifted to the citizens by Saudi Arabian government, nor am I talking about 50 of the 1000 quota allocated to Maldivians taken by the same foundation.

The government must let us the Maldivians know about these cases. 
Today, if we ignore the corruption of MVR 1 billion by a vice president, tomorrow we must be ready to accept a corruption of US$ 1billion by the president. No reason why it should not.