An Evening with Professor Ugail

Last night I got the opportunity to listen to the very inspiring and informative session at Sharafuddin School, by Professor Ugail.

Surely I did not even once thought that the programme will be marked as one of the largest gathering for a public lecture in Addu City recently.

A lot of information, experience and advice were shared by the Professor and I thought to post on few point that I noticed very interesting or informative. I am not claiming to give you a summary of his lecture or rather discussion.

As a student in Nooraanee School he explained having used black boot painted in white for a year just because that was the only option he had. Now, for us, the Maldivians, education is free, exam fees are free, a voucher for purchasing school items are given. Could this be one reason education is not so well valued by the present generations? Just what I thought while sitting there.

The importance of reading, was another point Prof. Ugail highlighted. He advised to make reading a habit and that reading does not have to be strictly to one area. Example, just because I work in education sector, it does not mean I cant read something about gardening. Moreover he highlighted the importance if seen the different views of different people or scholars on topics. The call to differentiate between knowledge and information I found very interesting and linked to our society. It is  also true that we just blindly keep sharing everything that we come across, specially on social media with the messages "please share".  As he said, its very important to see the authenticity of the information that we use.

Some of the basic factors that could be seen according to him in success includes,
1- Hard work
2- Believing in yourself
3- Well planning
4- Regularly checking on the plan and following it.
5- Prioritize what should be done and
6- Balance of time (time management)

''if you look at anybody who is successful they will look at failure as learning point. if you don't fail in your life, you haven't learned anything and you have moved on. I expect me to fail, but I don't expect to get disappointed from my failure.'' Guess the statement speaks out.

Well, maybe it was his book that attracted such a huge gathering. Thank You prof. Ugail for the gift to the nation. He also highlighted on the studies he did as he wrote the book, "Sihhee Hadhiyaa" and shared few traits that was found in healthy societies.

- They had a faith ( believe in creation )
- They had a good relationship (family, friends, neighbours etc...)
- They go out regularly (going for a walk, a park beach or somewhere out of home)
- They do exercises (not going to gym but simple yet consistent exercises)
- They have good sleep habits ( It seems healthy people arent "night owls") 
-They have a food manner ( hey no more than 80% , read his book!!)

Well I told you this is not a summary of the discussion. Yet, let me end the post with something that we could seriously think of. 
Worrying is never a solution. Its more an extra a burden we take. Sit down and think quietly, worrying wont help. 

Photo: Addu online
Note: This is just few points of his informative session. It is true that a lot will be missed, yet I tried to include the points that I found very important.