Can Bushry Escape with his CLub

Since I saw keyoniru I always tried to read any articles written by Mohamed Bushry. His articles I found as good, meaningful and productive. If anyone says Mohamed Bushry or mentions his blog Club Escape, the first thing that will come to mind maybe opposition or critics.

Things seems to be different now. Maybe a result of the newly elected Democratic government. It is true that the government of Mohamed Nasheed is and hopefully will do much better than that of the previous president Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom. But that really doesn't mean that we should keep silent about anything and everything that the governemnt do. It'd be like giving the same chance to Mr. Nasheed as we gave to Mr. Maumoon. Supporting the government need not necessarily mean that saying "YES SIR" to anything and everything that the government says. I see this YES SIR trend in Mr. Bushry's articles now.

I am not against Bushry. But just mentioned it simply because I very much like his articles but now feels that he is hesitating to write meaningful articles criticising the present government.
I feels so because i also read the above article too.
In the end I am not saying that he is not writing anything. Most importantly, this is what i felt and what you feel may be different. And if someone feels that this government is so good that there is nothing to criticise, that will surely be the worst night mare for our infant democracy.
I just wonder if Bushry will escape with his club in the trend.