16 February 2009

Private President.

Things seems to be changing a lot in our country. The president changed, ministers changed, ministries changed and a lot seems to be changing. It will not be an exaggeration for me to say that this is a very small country that's successfully bringing changes overnight, which some large and more developed counties took years or decades to bring. That sounds great!! Isn't it???

Here one of the big change that we often hear now a days is privatizing. Privatization, as far as I know is for the government to give away control of a nay particular organization and give it to the private people to run and manage. If to be very clear, it is,changing something from state to private ownership or control.(1)

We already heard about privatizing some major companies like MIFCO, MWSP, STELCo, MNSL. That's interesting. Indeed I thinks its a very good idea which has sound reasons to it in terms of our economy as well. Today, once again we heard of another privatization package. The privatization package for schools of Maldives too will be a good idea, yet we need to keep few things in mind.


2. Private sector will operate on a profit oriented basis.

3. We bring 101 A's and 4500 U's for our O Level results. Yes privatizing means efficiency yet, it also means large drop out population from the school system.

4. There is no better alternatives, at least for the time being.

I really have nothing against this government, yet at the same time I really doubt about our education ministers credibility. Not all Maldivians can send their kids to these private schools. The argument then will be that the government will fund for those kids. God bless such a government. But can the government make them study. If not are we ending in the same vicious cycle of government spending without any results???? I think so.

If the minister and the ministry is so concerned about quality of education, why not open an opportunity for at least one vocational school whether it be a private or public to cater the kids who are not very good in studies, yet very much talented? If we privatise the schools like this, without another contingency plan to cater students who can not reach high performance in studying, privatising simply wont bring the fruit that we wont. Maybe all that we'd then be doing is to make some already rich people to richer.

Rather than doing that and killing the already struggling education system, maybe its high time that we realise that privatization though good in itself, can even make the situation worse.
In this case, if we still wont to go ahead with privatizing, maybe it'd be very nice to bring one of these privatizations.
- We don't fight wars. How about privatizing MNDF? Indian government sure would love to give us a Billion dollars. hehe
- Privatize education ministry. Easy for all. Mandhu Ibra will be more than ready to bid.
- Privatise the presidents office and the preisdent. Oh Maumoon will run faster than a jet to bid at the hihest price.

Definition of privatizayion : http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/privatisation
Photo of Maumoon : http://www.maldiveschronicle.com/
photo of bids : www.op.gov.gy/dailyphoto/Bid-opening

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  1. State run companies, Private companies, Private schools, State schools, Privatization, Nationalization the list can go on and on. The bottom line in any of these activities is optimum use of limited resources and efficient management.

    Maldives is no exception in the world where Allah Has Blessed nations with tremendous opportunities to its peoples to lead their lives in peace & comfort. This is especially so due its small population, its unique land distribution and great resources in the sea. This mix crowned with the psyche of the Maldivian population really holds immense promise out of proportion to its population and land mass stats.

    It would be a great mistake for any Government here to ignore this uniqueness of the Maldives. It would be the greatest folly to supplant mechanisms and experiences of the world to Maldives without taking into consideration the above said realities. Privatization of state run entities in most of the countries has for the most part been rip offs to the state & the common man; with state enterprises being sold off at a fraction of its actual value to oligarchs with back-door links to the high ups in Government.

    The case for privatization is very often based on arguments towards greater resources utilization efficiency, transparency and efficient management. Male with its 1 square mile + territory, and all its inherent activities being constantly under a microscope has absolutely no credible necessity to privatize its state run enterprises, which is in real terms the collective wealth of the people.

    Instead of privatization which would boil down to offering the riches of the people to already rich oligarchs on a platter; making in effect the already rich get even richer- the Government needs to put in place a mechanism of transparency and accountability. The Ministers concerned do not have portfolios that are so overflowing that they cannot keep tabs with the management teams at the helm of state enterprises.

    Maldives is unique. Her problems are unique. Lets not be too hasty to forget our uniqueness and copy what happens beyond our shores. Our recipe to success lies not in privatization or any like “–ION”.

    It lies in turning to Allah for Guidance to run our lives. We need a Government who is willing to find means of how to best marshal our intelligentsia, the ardor and flair of our youth to bring this about in everyday practical terms. That is the challenge for each one of us – How best to work for the best of this world & the next.


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