STOP the STRIKES ....or get ready to kick the bucket.

I hope the cartoon itself made the point very clear.

Believing the reality happens to be the last thing that we'd prefer to do. This is the case with our economy right now. According to finance sector of our country, we spend 65% of recurrent expenses to the pay bill or paying the salary of the civil servants.

Our economy is in a bad state due to a long mismanagement. I am not saying that Maumoon or anyone did it. That's not my point and I am not concerned now of who did it. The important point is that, the economy is in a bad shape now.

And we are making the situation even worse. I am of cause not an economist, yet as this is the place where I myself was also borne, at least I could say what I feel. After all they say there is freedom of expression. There are certain factors that we could suspect are going to be an alarm for a dark days ahead.

The country is undergoing one of the fastest and major changes this nation ever came across.

This (the changes) itself make this no good a time to play with our economy.

The world is facing an economic crunch which IMF expects to recover on as late as 2012.

The salary increments is given by the government twice in a short period of less than 20months.
Once again many, especially the "professionals" are demanding to get a salary increment. (Excuse me they were professional in their fields only!!!) This includes teachers (though a nut like me don't support much), doctors and lawyers.

We already have a burden of debt inherited by the former regime.

So. In this situation, with these factors in mind, is it really wise to demand for high salary? I don't think so. A friend of mine two days back told me. "Why should we teachers bother about the economy. Anni say economy is in good shape. So what the heck?"
True. But if we think so much narrow minded, I just have one question. If WE don't think about OUR country, OUR economy and OUR situations, are we expecting angels to come and fix this for us?

The stories can go so and on. But, mere talking wont help us. We need to take certain actions before we realize that we are making our country into another Zimbabwe.

How about taking few steps like this.

1. A reduction in the salary of MP's and ministers who I believe happened to be beginner of this high salary scenario.

2. The government needs to tell the truth and make the people aware of the situation. hehe Even yesterday President said the economy is in good shape. I wish it is!

3. The opposition needs to be more responsible. Just trying to pressure the present government by asking the civil servant to demand more increment will be simply sinking the boat that you also need to cross the river tomorrow.

4. WE need to keep out selfishness for a moment at least. Yes. Even I'd love to see teachers get a MRF13000. per month. Then life will be easier for me too.

5. The media must put a clear campaign to make people more aware of what's going on and encourage savings. If people really understand that a sudden increase in salaries at such a level will immediately push the prices up thus end us in a worse situation than now, maybe the problems will be lesser.

If things goes like the way it is going now, yesterday it was lawyers, today lecturers and doctors, tomorrow teachers and nurses. Are we going to stop our economic machines just for the sake of a political reason or just for the sake of a little salary increment? At the end of the day, its not just some one who is going to have to pay the price. Everyone will be effected and that includes you and me. So we better stop playing foolish games or get ready to end in an unimaginable future.

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