International Schools or International fees?

Today another INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is to begin. EPSS is going to become an international school. But what is this international schools all about???

For me, the international schools in Maldives means nothing more than schools with international fees.

International schools are schools that cater mainly to children who are not nationals of the host country, often the children of the staff of international businesses, international organizations, embassies, missions, or missionary programs. They are also often popular with local students who wish to improve their language skills. Often, international schools are private but public international schools exist.

I say so for few reasons.

1. These international schools are going to be giving international certificates. What about the poor schools of Maldives? Is the INTERNATIONAL GCSE not an international certificate?

2. The teachers are from other countries. Same is the case in most of the Maldivian schools.

3. They teach for an international syllabus. huh! What about the Cambridge syllabus that is used here?

4. Teaching will not be using the local mother tongue. We are not doing it here either!

6. The class rooms are air conditioned. If then we have international offices too..:)

7. The fees charged are as high as $250 per month. hmm This maybe where we are missing. Had we charged a high fee in all our schools, it's automatically turn into an international school.

The reality is that, the fees, the building the teachers(if not always in most cases), the language and how famous a school is... are simply no reason to better performance of students. Whether your in a local school or international school will not decide your quality. It may simply decide who much the parents have to spend as school fee.