Home! Hassan's Sweet Home

Its the dream of everyone to live in a beautiful home with best possible furniture and utensils. Yet not everyone have it, nor could all  afford it.

Yet, that is not the end of the world! Let me share with you something that caught my eye. Its not a very new story. It has been there for a long while, yet I guess many just didn't bother to look at.

Everyday, many many people, go cross Medheaari maga from Ghaazee maga to visit the convention center and its beauty. Why dont you take a right turn this time rather than going a head.  What do you see?? Well. you'd see a hut!! A small house. Or most easily I could say a "kolhonege" by some kids.
 NO! NO! NO!. Thats a house. A real house!!!

It is Hassan Didi's house according to him.
I had a talk about the house and he was nice enough to show me the house and explain about it too.

The hut we see everyday.

He says this plot of land belongs to a brother (some relative I heard, though not an own brother). Brother lives in Male' and plans to give the plot to him. According to him, some people even tried to "take" land. He showed me the foundation that he claims they laid. "Maybe someone with a good post may ask them to do it" He was very careful with his wordings too. It maybe only 8ft to 10ft, yet its his sweet house, though he does not live in there.

Near the fence you could see the foundation.

This is not a normal house. Though built with sticks and some wood, its has a grownd floor and a first floor too.

Hassan Didi's house. Front view
Not only that. He has a garden too. I heard he is very good in gardening. There is a water apple(jamburoazu) tree that looks like planted recently. There are flowering plants as well.

Garden area. There are flowering plants too.
If there is a first floor, there shoud be a way to reach too. Yes, it is made of wood. And just like everything else in this house, Hassan Didi made it on his own.

The stairs 

Just like any house, this house has a door. And there is no lock for the door, just the traditional type of rope that could be tied was there.
The door could be tied rather than using the expensive lock!!

Some beautiful flowers adds to the beauty of this small house.

flowers right in front of the house
There is a well too. Yes, "it doesnt have to look the same as the well in your house. Not every finger is equal". He justified.
The well in of Hassan Didi's house
There is a balcony too. Some days back there were flower pots hanging from balcony. But now it is not there. With a smile Hassan Didi said. "Maybe some boys didn't like it to be there.So they must have thrown off"


One thing I noticed was that the work done was nice. There were windows too.

Nicely done work

This is the best thing I found in the house. The banana tree, just like the house was small, with just a 2ft or more, there was a bunch of banana too. Yes, even the banana was small.

The banana tree and banana in the backward. 

I liked the way the house was kept, the idea and the way he justified what he did. I asked him.
Is this a "Juhaa mohora" so that the government can not take back the land that you got?

(Juhaa mohora- a local joke where Juha sells his house with exception of a nail in one wall inside the house which he used to hang rotten food, so as to indirectly send them off)

He was not ready confess.  :) With a smile that looks like meaningful, he said, "See how big your house is. Its because your dad was able to do that much. See how small this house is. That is because this is the level I could reach to." I was speechless. I just could not believe how he persuaded me. Curious, I asked secretly. Were you able to register the land? He finished off his conversation with a nice smile by giving me the answer. "My dear boy, the constitution does not force to have a particular standard of house. This is my house, and yes the land is registered"

 So here is Hassan Didi's house. His sweet little house. 

Hassan Didi's sweet home.

Hope you enjoyed.