Right Change and wrong .........Change? Not very right change!!

As we hear the word Change, the first thing that comes to our mind happens to be changing the government. That is however, not what I would like to write in this article.

During the whole of last month, I was able to post just one article. A very humble sorry for that. I hope I will be able to continue as I did before from now on. I was busy doing the last teaching practice(TP) of the course.

This time I would like to write about a change I experienced during my TP.

I had to go to Majiddiyyaa School. The most senior school in the nation. So I was also expecting something different. And that was exactly what I came across. The first day in school was the first day, the school switched to Smart Boards. This was the first time in history of the nation that a school was fully equipped with smart boards in every single class. Everyone, teachers, students, management, and even parents were very happy.

We were not trained to use smart boards. So college changed us from Majiddiyya to 3 other school. I got Imaduddin. Even there I met a change. This time the school switched from black board to white board.

Now, I mentioned two changes. Lets think of the two changes we saw.

The switch to the smart boards was a huge step ahead. Its not a mere board, but a collection of resources too. It is high technology, and best a school in this nation can serve yet. However, there are 2 things to be remembered.

1. I got the chance to talk to many students of the school. A lot of them had a big complain. According to them, each student of grade 9 and 10 had to pay MRF 600 to pay for the board. They say it is not very fare for them to charge from 2 batches and teach the rest all free at their own expense. I too feel it is true. School should have funded and divided the cost among at least 4-5 batches. At least few students said that they will not allow others to study like that and will either take or break those.

2. I spent a week in school and did observe many lessons. And also I did ask from my friends about the lessons taken in other classes. Except very very few cases, in most classes the teaching was done using a PowerPoint Presentations. I don't think this will be a right mode. I am very confident to say that if the switch from black board to smart board was a 100% shift to PPP, then its a too expensive change at a too high cost.

If the same trend is followed as I saw in a week of stay, I am afraid we may have to expect for a step behind when it comes to results.

Imaduddin School.
Let me make it short. The black boards were changed to white boards, and for some reason or the other, there was a sheet of glass fixed on the board. This made it almost impossible for may students to see the board. This does not sound very permanent either and student already are complaining to re fix the black boards, which, Thank God, are still right inside the corridor.

So, what I thought is simple. Change is easy, but not so is it when it comes to a right change.

photo: www.techlearning.com/article/6550