What 8/9 meant to me...

1- Mr. Moahemd Nasheed  -95,224 votes (45.45%)
2- Mr Yamin Abdul Gayyoom   -53,099 (25.35%)
3- Mr Gasim Ibrahim  -50,422 (24.07%)
4- Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik  -10,750 (5.13%)
Void 2359 votes.

A Presidential Election is held. Now we have to go for a second round.

The very  competitive but surely a peaceful election with the highest turnover ever recorded in the history of the nation is surely a step ahead in the road to democracy. Hats off to the Elections commission. Surely the contribution of security forces for a peaceful election should not be forgotten. Thank you, Maldives Police Service and Thank you Elections Commission of the Maldives.

What I think should not necessarily be what you believe. Let me tell you the reality that I feel came out of this election.

1- Nasheed-  He has proved that he is a candidate with capacity to bring the highest votes regardless of no other party by his side. Indeed every political party other than MDP was against him winning the election. Yet he has achieved 95,224 votes which was just 1998 less that what he got in the 2nd round of 2008 presidential election. Back then almost all other parties other than president Maumoons DRP were with MDP. Good luck Nasheed with the second round.

2- Yamin- Thanks to the elder brother Mr Maumoon. Though many underestimated, Maumoon and family has once again proved that there are not less that a 50,000 people in this nation who are still with them, regardless of the other options available. Good luck Yamin with the second round.

3- Gasim- A member of Adhaalath told me that Mr Gasim's Villa foundation donated near mvr20million  worth of of items for schools. God knows the figures. But I personally believe it had the intention of influencing the election. Fine, even if that intention was not there, surely it will effect the election. If so, 23000 extra votes that he got compared to 2008 election were the contribution of the generous aids of Villa Foundation. I say so because in both the elections Adhaalath was with Gasim. I

4- Waheed- Please. Let me not talk about a president who got mere 10,000 votes out of  218,000+ votes.

So?? Whats next?
1- President Waheed. Please don't make fun of democracy and elections. A nations has clearly and loud enough said No to you. Be a gentle man, and step down please. I surely dont like my president to be a mand of just 10,000 vote popularity in a nation of 300,000 people.

2- Adhaalath party. Just stop calling the near 50% of the nations population as laadheenee. Your doing no more than making fun of your own self. In the run up to the elction, not only many Sheikhs lost their respect among people, but also Adhaalath Party lost its credibility in Maldives politics more than ever before.

3- Mr Gasim. Mind you! These Maldivians seems to be a bit  naughty. The were behind you in1000s, but when they were alone with a paper and pen, they seems to have forgotten you. Next time, dont forget the old saying of the Maldives, "Fen oiy thanah mas dhaane".

The big question will be the out come of the next round.
Let me tell you, the 95000+ votes of Nasheed and the 53000+ votes of Yamin will remain the same almost to 99% .
The changing votes will be the 62,000+ votes of Gasim, Waheed and void votes.
Given the present situation, Nasheed requires minimum 20,000 votes and Yamin needs to gain 62,000 votes. One fact that remains will be that it will not be easy to change a voter against to Nasheed to a vote for Nasheed. Yet, turning the 62,000 votes to Yamin too will be near impossible. There fore, in the second round, I believe Yamin and Nasheed will be competing with few 100 votes rather than 1000s.
I am expecting a lot of "gifts" to be seen through the nation in different names. Surely this 2nd round could become almost the most expensive competition for the seat.

Let me wish both the candidates the very best for the second try. I hope the 2nd round will go as smoothly as the first round.

Photo: Haveeru online.