A tribute from the tongue of the nation

Can you imagine a person named a Kettle? Do you know one of the famous writers and the poets of the Maldives Mr. Ibrahim Naeem? Guess both the questions left you with a blank, right? Yet I am sure everyone will know if I say Saikkuraa Naeem. (Saikuraa in Dhivehi means kettle) Today Mr. Naeem (Saikuraa) passed away in ADK hospital around 10:30 morning local time at the age of 73.
Mr. Naeem was a respected person who served as a civil servant for more than five decades.( February 1953 to May 2008) He was known among the people as a great story writer, poet and even as a person with a big humor. Though his passed away his legacy will last forever.
May God bless Mr. Naeem (Saikkura) and gives patience to his family and friends.
Saikuraa was a man of courage and dedication. A man the nation cannot effort to forget. And role model to any youth who wants to serve his nation.