As the time comes…

The big day that every single Maldivian is waiting is the day of presidential elections. This election is a quite different election compared to all other elections this country so far experienced. Indeed it is different in many ways.

1. This is the first time in three decades (since 1978) the serving president Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom will have to compete with anyone in the race for presidency.

2. The election also comes at a time the Maldivians are showing opposition to the president and his long serving regime more than ever before.

3. Above all, this is the first ever multi-party election in this country that got independence from British on July 1965. The new constitution1 that is been drafted by the Citizens Majilis (Khaassa Majilis) and sent to the president for ratification demand for a multi-party election before 10th October 2008.

So the time is getting near. The government already announced that the constitution will be ratified on 30th July 2008.

Yet, are we ready for this change? Who are we going to vote? Indeed how are we going to vote? The first two questions may be simple and easy to answer. However the last one may sound a bit odd to you. Still, it is the truth.

If we really look at the majority of the voters, they don’t vote on the real choice. We vote you, not because you are a capable and responsible person who can take the challenge in a professional manner. So why do we vote you? Well it differs... Sometimes simply because you came from “my” family…my island…my atoll…etc... At times the vote is been sold. Yes it is sold! Say give a TV set… a two way ticket to India…or you know sometimes its “OK” with just paying off my electricity bill for the month or even a MRF500 will do!!!

Every one claims that this is the time of change. If so, this of cause is the high time we change the style of voting too. Remember! You will get the famous watermelon (karaa) at your doorstep FREE during the month of fasting (Ramlhaan). Mind you! Don’t take it unless it is a real present. Yes. A real present .A vote in the election is more than a watermelon, so don’t exchange it with that simple fruit. There is no reason why you must vote a particular person because I vote him, Not at all. You make your own choice. It is your nation. It is your president. And it is your choice. Make it wisely.

note; 1 Whether the constitution is a new one or the same old one changed has become a debate among politicians. I mentioned it as new not because I support either of the ways. It is just to make my message clear.