30 July 2008

A Sudden Tragedy!!

The sudden death of the winner of last year's “Voice of India”, Ishmeet Singh Sodhi (September 2, 1989 - July 29, 2008), shocked everyone who heard of it. Whether it is a fan of him or not, all who knew of it were surprised as this happened just on the day he came to Maldives.
Ishmeet came to Maldives to perform in the Star Voice of Maldives, which was expected to be taking place in Alimas Carnival on 1st August. Many, including the organizers in Maldives itself are in doubt if the Voice of Maldives will commence as planned after the unexpected incidence.
Of cause there are and will be many people who were not in favor of this competition to be held in Maldives. Also it is true that there were many who were in favor of it. Even if they were in of either view, one thing was sure. The incident lead to people, think about what it will result in. Many believe that this will be taken as a sign of bad luck by the Indians and the competition, will no more be held here in Maldives. There are some who thinks even to the extreme that this will lead to many famous stars of India to think twice whenever they plan to visit Maldives.
In anyhow, the incident was a real tragedy for the family and fans of Ishmeet Singh who passed away at a very young age. I wish his family and friend patience at this hard moment for them.


  1. i wasn't a fan of his but, adu ehyma dhen kada vi dho
    raajjeyga ekahala kanthah nuvaathyvegen

  2. the rule is quite simple ... if you dont know how to swim stay out of the water. Everyone is responsible for their own safety.
    Common sense is not so common after all.

  3. m not his fan bt watever happnd is really shocking.Death s always unexpected.we have to learn from such evnts n keep on doing gud deeds and be prepared for such a thng..


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