ATTENTION PLEASE: Look Here....Not There.

Thinking, about what goes around the society is something I enjoy. These days, in our country, politics, is the most spoken topic of all. When it comes to politics, the politicians always look for attention of the people. However, this is the case only in the positive things. When there is a problem, or something not very favorable, they try a lot to divert the attention to something else.

The present government it seems is too good to try this technique almost everywhere possible.
Lets see how some situations arose and what followed.

End of 2008, Dr. Hassan Saeedh started openly criticising government and its aim to win majority in Parliament. He started questioning the faith of government. In just a week, to every one's surprise, President announced the famous 5 drug leaders information. Desperate to see a solution to drugs problem in nation, people and media immediately switched to the 5 dealer talks.

Mid- January 2009, the Civil service commission and finance ministry went into a big argument on the salary. Protest started. And as a last action, CSC went to court. Suddenly, the news of 168 bottles of Alcohol in MP (Rekkoa) Moosa Manik's car (even when he was aborad) diverted the attention once again. Add to this, police asked to end a live courage of a protest, making the media more concerned about themselves than the salary cut.

Parliament came to a dead lock regarding whether the impeachment of auditor general was going as per the constitution. Both parties were on road each justifying their side. Using this opportunity, while people and oppositions attention was on something else, government increased the electricity charges.

Then came the Israel case, government was not ready to answer to the questions of national security committee of Parliament. Suddenly education ministry came up with the idea of making Dhivehi Islam as optional subjects in A Level. People got real angry. Most if not all diverted the attention from Israel case to Dhivehi Islam.

Followed was something for which government took very unusual actions. No confidence of Dr. Musthofaa was on agenda. Hulhule Airport development and management transfer to an Indian company was under threat of been canceled by court or Parliament. When the situation got to this level, suddenly cabinet resigned. Yamin and Gasim taken to custody. A whole new situation was formed. Attention was diverted to the new developments. Huge protests started with in the name of ending corruption in Parliament.

The arrest of MPs and the sudden resignation of cabinet angered the opposition. As the oppositions came together government once again switched to a new talk of a mid term election, and tried to cool down the situation. As this process went, and polititions were busy doing this business, Addu Gan airport management agreement was signed with a Dubai company. The Dhoogus was handed over to MVK group.

At last, now. Opposition got back on track, asked the MNDF and Police seniors to attend the national security committee. Scheduled the interview to the ministers for the cabinet approval. Once again we see the attention been diverted. The toy guns (something that were used in Maldives even before) suddenly became dangerous and were confiscated by the Customs . To every one's surprise a threat letter was forwarded by an unknown source to some of the opposition members. Be very frank, I doubt the letter. Its logical that no government or military will spread such a news to media without investigation. Maybe and maybe, this as the reason the unknown source sent it to opposition.

This is how I see these situations. Your views may be different.

Inforations gathered form haveeru