Did DRP make a mistake?

The past few days, we saw some big dramas played in our Parliament in the name of protecting the people's rights. Two parties were on two extremely different sides and each claimed they were toiling for the good of the people. I just thought....OK this is the so called dirty politics.

Now, that government has decided to withdraw the bill on decentralization, question is who lost and who won?

The bill is at first has proved that government has still to lobby the opposition if they were ever to get through the Parliament. At the same time, it also has proved to the opposition that a mere majority does not make them the boss of Parliament either.

This could mean a postpone in council elections. That could be a turning point of the picture.

I think, DRP will be better off, had they allowed this to get through Parliament. The reasons are simple.

MDP led government has already established provinces. Very honestly, the provinces have not been performing as promising as many people wanted. As a result, a lot of MDP members who are now in the jobs in the provinces have lost the faith of many people as credible leaders for 'tomorrows' council elections. On the other side,DRP can show their fresh members who were not tested under the present system.

Government wants to reduce civil servants. This has upset many people- a golden chance to an opposition.The reduction in salary for 3 months angered many. Also, the increase in salary next month, many believes was a DRP initiative. The past one or more year, the present government has tried to deal with more of economic reforms than material development. This means people will see less been done.

With these reasons and the bond among members of DRP, it will be better had they tried to allow the provinces and get into these provinces through election at this hard time of government. The truth is, government, be it DRP or MDP will be strong. They said that even if this bill do not pass, they still have chance and will establish provinces. If then, why wait and create chances for government to give excuses to postpone the elections till they gain the support they need. I think it will be a mistake to give that chance, when it comes to an opposition. Yet, my ideas may not be the same as you or anyone else.