Another Bubble?

In the last post that I made, I was writing about an issue that I felt I had to write on. Of course, as I expected not everyone was against what I said, nor was everyone in favor of what I said. Yet, I am glad for the comments that I got. Specially the many comments and criticisms I got online in facebook and live messenger. Thank you all.

Some friends of mine asked if this is really the right decision. Or was it right in first place to even think of changing the existing system. Of all that I was asked, the best question was why does it bother me. hehehe

Now the decision is made. Muhibbuddin School is going to be the secondary school and Islamiyya School is going to be the higher secondary school in a given time schedule.

I am happy that the failed system of making a school out of failed students to teach the same syllabus is at last out of agenda. Many, believes that this will have a negative impact on Muhibbuddin School. I do agree with them that there will be such an effect, yet, I really think the cost will be far far less than what it used to be.

f course I still believe we need a vocational school. Islamiyya School might have been formed with a good will, yet was formed in the wrong manner. After at least seven years, decision makers decided that it is a failed system. The bubble could not hold. Today, the good bye to the system of making a school of failed system is gone. It is sure better, yet not the best. Sending all the students who studied in grade seven to Muhibbuddin School regardless of results will too create another bubble.

The question is, are we going to wait till the next bubble bursts or are we still going to try and find a way to get a vocational school in Addu to cater students who are unable to perform well academically? Once again, noone will be there to decide unless the public wants it that way.