Burugaa Burugaa Burugaa...

Burgaa or veil seems to be a big topic in Maldives, especially the so called Boduburugaa or hijaab as commonly known.

In my nearly a year of stay in this blogger, I did come across various different articles regarding burugaa. Of cause most of them, criticize the buruga, showing the 'bad side' of burugaa, the bad life of those who wear it or those who asks to wear it and so on...which i need not explain anymore as its out there.

There is something special about this. Why is that everyone is so worried about burugaa or people who wear it? Answer could be simple. It hinders women to enjoy their basic right. Its an extreme way. Its not fit to our country. And many more such answers.

However, my view on this is a bit different. Before you go on to criticize my points, I think it'd be a good idea to read the whole article right. In the end, democracy we talk about, and in it the best part is the tolerance and respect to others views.

First there is no act in Maldivian constitution saying wearing veil is a must. Also there is no single statement saying wearing veil is not allowed.

Second, there are people who wears various different styles of clothes in Maldives. And everyone seems to be OK with it as they wear what they wanted to wear. If so, whats wrong in wearing the burugaa or bodu burugaa, as long as they want to wear it? I don't think the democracy every Maldivian is so much in love is all about not wearing a burugaa. Indeed, it should be about wearing what they wanted to wear right? If then, let the people who want's to wear it do it. You or others wont lose anything. Surely your wives hairs wont be lost just because your friends wife is wearing a burugaa, if that is your excuse!!!

Finally we say human rights, It violates the human right of the ladies. Well, take this example. I been a Muslim, (you call it extremist, Wahhabi, fundamentalist, and many more...which is not what I am worried) I am not allowed look at another lady unless it be my relatives or wife. Now if I say I need to go out on road so none should be out there without covering yourself. What will you say? Obviously you'd label me as a person who is not respecting others right. If so, where is my right to live in my society with my beliefs? That surely is my human right.

So I think we need to learn to live in a society. If you think burugaa violates your rights, fine, that your believes, but that is not an excuse to try to let down another part of society who also have the same basic rights to live the way they wanted.