One Year of blogging.

Today, its been one year since I joined blogger. I first found a blog from my brother who I guess now is more interested in photos and Flickr. After that a close friend of mine who keeps her blog a little hidden I guess:)

Now, that one year has past...I feel I did achieve my targets. Very honestly, I expected to reach 1200 hits within a year to my blog, yet I am glade to see around 4200 hits, which I feel is OK for someone who started to write very recently. Also there are 12 blogger who follow my blog. I believe the best achievement of mine in blogger is not deleting the comments. So far I only deleted one comment which was due to the fouls language used. I got the most hits as well as most comments to "Anni Just SHUT UP Your Mouth"

I am glade that there are regular readers of my blog. I thank all of you who reads and comment my blog.

I don't often ask for comments, yet today, in this 70th post of mine, I would like to request to your ideas and comments on my blog.

How is my blog? What needs to be corrected? What is to be included? What is that which needs to be removed? And most important, what is your view on the posts?

Hope to get a good response.
I also have opened a poll to see how you rank my blog, as the readers are the ones who best could judge my performance.

( as a friend of mine told me, some who don't use blogspot finds it difficult to comment, I think this will help out)