22 August 2008

Slipper Lock of 21st Century ( A real one)

Tonight I went to Masjidhul Bahaaudheen ( Maaveyo Miskih) for the Maghrib prayer. Just before I entered the mosque, my eyes caught something. So thought to share with you my very unusual experience of seen a slipper locked like a baggage locked for a journey. So me and two of my friends took a photo. And here it is.
I wonder what will be the comments that I get for the post!!! Maybe it reflects the situation of our country or maybe it could even mean an "act of a different guy". just lets see dho:) I thank my two friends who helped me.


  1. Every guy going for prayers regularly must have had several slippers lost at mosque. But I'm not sure if the people who take that are only Maldivians. Rather low-paid foreigners, but not always. Anyways I havent seen any locked one before.

  2. very rare case I think. May be the slippers were worth the trouble...


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