Party System or Zaathee System??

Kon party eh? Kaakah vote dhenee? These are the questions that we hear everywhere in Maldives these days. The election time is getting nearer. This will be the first multiparty election this country will see. There are 10 political parties registered in Maldives so far.{1} There are six candidates representing six different political parties and two independent candidates. But my question is very short and simple. Are we ready for multiparty system? At least do we know what a multiparty system is? To tell you the truth I see something very different. If I am to name the political situation of our country right now, I’d call it a Zaathee System rather than a Party System. 
There are reasons for me to say so: 

1. The candidates are attacking the opponents in a very personnel manner. The funny part of it is that whenever they attack someone they give a super excuse. “I am not telling this because I have anything personnel with……. But because this is the truth.” Truth is no excuse for attacking personnel, yet unfortunately it’s the fact that we are experiencing every single day. Maumoon attacks the opponents because they studied in Pakistan and not Egypt. Anni competed the election because Maumoon is competing. Ibra made a party because Anni was too influence or autocratic in MDP. Dr Hassan because Maumoon failed to remove commissioner of police and the family members. I am not saying this is the only reason, yet surely it is some of the reasons.

 2. The public are judging the candidates personally. Because Maummon is the president, because Anni lead the opposition initially, because Dr. Hassan is young and handsome, because Gasim gave me job and a two way ticket to India last year and so on. We hardly see anyone judging a candidate because he has the ability and potential and has proved his honesty and commitment. 

 3. The parties are formed to quiet the same way. It maybe to show Maumoon he that we can also make a party, to Prove to Anni that. Nothing that DRP do is good for any other party and vice versa. Adhaalath sold religion because they did not join DRP and joined Jumhuree party. MDP can digest blaming others yet cannot digest any blame on them. Adhaalath members studied in Pakistan so they won’t know a heck of what they themselves talk. DRP members are Maumooon followers so they are the corrupted people. These are not what I say. These are what I hear them say. So, now think of our situation. Now judge on your own. Are we having a Party System or Zaathee System???? I’d go for the second one. (1)