My brand new experience...

Last night I had to travel to Sri Lanka for a medical treatment. Now this is just a simple thing right? But for me, this became a very different experience. I am talking about having to travel and stay in the airport during the month of fasting.
Checking began at 16:30 so I was there at 17:00. The plane was scheduled to take off at 19:30. This means that when the sunsets at 18:02 we all will be inside the airport.
So what do you expect?
The break fast will be available or if not provided right.. Yea! That is what even I was expecting, been a Muslim and belonging to a so called 100% Muslim country. Yet, what I saw was very different. "There is no arrangement for it." They said. huh. But there is no arrangement to send us out of this jail too. So we went to the famous "departure restaurant." To my surprise the answer was even more wonderful. In one side we see the prayer call from TVM, and on the other side we were kindly informed that they will not take any orders even if it be to break fast unless ordered before 17:30!!
Imagine...the right of every Maldivian has to be given and respected.Hmmmmm Maybe we did not belong to Maldives because we didn't scream out for their resignation on the spot.
Whatever it maybe I really cant imagine me been unable to get break fast on the holy month of Ramadan... in my home land which I hear everyone naming as a 100% Muslim nation.
I don't know.. I will not comment on that. Yet just thought to share this brand new experience of mine. Here I recall a saying that a friend of mine very often repeats. Expect the unexpected.