smell of democracy

Now I think I do am getting the smell of democracy after so much of hoping. Just few hours back the first home minister of Mr. Nasheedh cabinet has resigned.

First of all I have nothing personnel about Mr. Gasim. Yet, I do believe that this was a right turn in the Maldivian politics.

Reason is very simple. It is we who have been claiming that the business people getting involved with the government senior jobs is not in real interest of the people who are very much in need of a democracy. In the first place itself I never believed that Mr. Gasim becoming the home minister was a good idea. Maybe this was a setback for Mr. Gasim in his dream to become the head of this nation. However it is true that his resignation should come after the events that had folded. There is no single means to accept the "improper behaviour" either from the Police or the MNDF. And there should be no excuse to allow it either. I welcome this move of resignation as a step taken in the path of democracy.

Maybe this is something that many of us would find hard to agree and digest, yet the reality is that this is an essential part of a political system for a newly founded democracy. So, guess form the political chimney of the nation, i smell democracy.

Lets hope our country will prosper as a model and sustainable democratic country.