17 December 2008

Leave Maumoon alone and mind your own business.

It's been a little while since I have not been able to blog. Today I just felt to make a post after watching the Majlis.

During these two weeks I got a chance to watch almost every session of the Majils. I found it more disturbing than interesting. Every member seems to be more interested to make a bit of campaign for the upcoming election and if any time left, to promote the party they support. Then comes the interesting part. Almost every member who does not belong to DRP seems to be very much keen to attack the former president Maumoon. In every sitting I saw waves of attacks on Maumoon and his 30 year regime, the corruptions of Maumoon, the expensive government, the family government and anything and everything about Maumoon.

Let me make it very clear that I am not a supporter of Mr. Maumoon. Indeed I too was looking forward to see a day this country gets a new and fresh leader. And I am glade we got a leader like Mr. Nasheed(Anni) who sacrificed so much to bring democracy to our country.

I am not saying Maumoon was right. I am not saying he did not do anything wrong, nor am I saying that he should not be brought in front of justice. If the members of Parliament are interested to make any case against Maumoon in court or else where, fine, do it! But don't make it an excuse to waste the time of the Parliament sittings. I just cant make any sense when the so called great politicians of our country who claim to be so worried about the people are wasting their precious time. There is a lot to be done. Why then are they bringing the topic of Maumoon in every sitting? Is it just merely because he did so much of wrong to our country, or is it simply making it a good reason to promote themselves? I feel that the second reason is more closer than the first.

Now my point is very simple and clear. If the parliamentarians are interested to make a case against Maumoon in court or Parliament, do it officially in a more political manner rather than running around the bush. Do it or just stop talking about it. In any case don't wast the time spent in Parliament as there is a lot do be done there. Make time for it and don't make very sitting an opportunity to drop a "time bomb"on Maumoon. In another way I'd say leave Maumoon alone and mind your own business.


  1. lol
    y dont u leave the parliament members alone n mind ur own business. anyways wht do u care about?

  2. I agree with you. It's a waste of time indeed. There are more important things to discuss and find solutions for.

    Thakuru: you seem very narrow minded.

  3. narrow minded my ass dude
    if u think about what i said...
    these so called members are elected by who? we elected these uneducated assholes to the majlis..and now wtf are we complaining about?

  4. Peace! To you bro/sis.

    Its interesting the main post and the comments. Isn’t it amusing that we keep trying to smell something nice, when smelling Chinese chestnut flowers which are reputed to smell evil, or expect to see a straight dogs tail that’s genetically predetermined to be curved?

    Lets not frget that we are dealing with professional politicians.

    The distinguishing features of most of this specis are that they have forked tongues, shifty eyes and a gift of the gab. Observe how they switch on and off their intent gaze, pointing fingers and plastic smiles.

    Last but not least see how they preen and prance with the liberal use of “ Izzaitheri ….” – Salivating in their haste to ape a collection of dummies in distant lands whose only distinction is that they had amassed enough funds from shadowy dons to win their seats. Seats they warm protecting the interests of THEIR behind the scene paymasters; whilst they scream in shrill rich voices THAT THEY SERVE THEIR MASTERS, THE HONOURABLE PEOPLE. You are beginning to see mirror images of that here as well.

    How many care to remember THAT WE ARE CREATED ONLY TO SERVE ALLAH, and that each time WE promise to SERVE ANYONE BUT ALLAH we are guilty of SHIRK.


    When will we learn? When will WE CHANGE? BRO/SIS lets Think - ISLAM, and help each other to return to ISLAM. To start we may be very very few; that does not matter.

    In parting 2 verses from the holy Koran that fills a believer with HOPE.

    “ 8-26: And remember when you were few, deemed weak in the land, fearing lest people might carry you off by force, but He sheltered you and strengthened you with His aid and gave you of the good things that you may give thanks.

    “ 8-52: In the manner of the people of Firon and those before them; they disbelieved in Allah's communications, therefore Allah destroyed them on account of their faults; surely Allah is strong, severe in requiting (evil).

    “ 61-8: They desire to put out the light of Allah with their mouths but Allah will perfect His light, though the unbelievers may be averse.

    May Allah Bless you all.


  5. First I'm a He not a She:)
    Well, I may be very much narrow minded to tell these so called polititions to mind their own business rather than going on wasting the time talking about Maumoon. But let me tell one thing. When will our minds be wide enought to understand that just because these people as elected doesnt mean the end of the world.We should not be waiting helplessly till another election. They promised to talk on our behalf, if they dont, we really have the right to talk about it.

  6. Brother Alif Laam Gaaf, Just to clear away any doubts. I never said any of this thats been commented here.
    May Allah bless you -Amin-


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