Worst mistake

I have been reading Jazeera online since I came to Male’ on January 2008. As someone who hopes to be in journalism everyday I try to keep commenting Jazeera in the same name as by blog ( alif laam gaaf) . As a result it has become almost like my habit to read almost all the articles every day. Here I would like to share with you the worst mistake I have seen so far in the newspaper.
Today there was an article about OPEC oil supply. It says…”OPEC ge theluge supply mimahu ithuruvaane elhumun.”
(އޯޕެކް ތެލުގެ ސަޕްލައި މިމަހު އިތުރުވާނެ އެޅުމުން )
Yes! That’s the exact quote of the topic. I was wondering what on earth should be added!! I think it should be something like this: - OPEC ge theluge supply mimahu ithuruvaane ……………… elhumun.
Maybe you can fill the blank. Had I been the given the chance to do it, I’d surely add my favorite DhiFM News, Addu Bondi, rihakuru, Onion, and of cause some Nippon paint to make it colorful. Now it’s your turn. Tell me what you will add to this. Hope I will get some interesting things to add!

note: some may not be able to see the dhivehi wordings if the Jazeera font is not available.