The silver lining I see...

The months long pandemic of Covid19 has disturbed our routine life more than ever before. Our schools has been shut down for more than 3 months. Definitely a difficult and challenging decision for every stakeholder. 

The negative impact of it is visible for all. It does have negative impact yet lets not forget that we are not left with much of choice given the situation. 

Here is the silver lining I see in this. With lock-down, online classes, Telikilaas, and all communications switched to virtual means, norms of parents, students, and teachers changed. 

1- Parents.
The role of parents in education of a kid is vital for the success of the student.  Same applies during the pandemic.  The marking of attendances, checking the various modes of communication for any updates or important information would have been a challenging task for several parents. However, today parents are more aware of exactly what the student are studying, who is the teacher of this subject, how many home works the kid did not finish or when is his/her next lesson and so on. Not saying this knowledge is new to all parents, yet definitely this would be a bigger picture that several parents didn't have earlier.

2- Student.
In the virtual class, student is often free to join, actively participate or do it for name sake.Yes there will be some who didn't bother to join, yet many would have by now understood the importance of taking responsibility for own studies. 
For most if not all, online sessions, google meets, were new experiences, though google classroom might not be. Today, students regardless of challenges are equipped to attend online classes, use online tools to submit  their works and obtain the feedback. This if well used would be a great opportunity for our kids as they prepare to face an ever changing world.

3- Teachers.
It has been a challenge and difficult period for teachers, yet from day one,  I had faith that no matter what, teachers will do wonders. I remember what I said one 18th March, the last working day before closure. "Schools are closed. Yes students would be losing lessons and contact hours. Believe me its because of a valid reason. And yes the sudden switch to online modes will not be as effective as we wish. Yet, its the same schools and teachers who would go an extra mile, take a hundred more extra class be it paid or not and ensure the kids reach the target." I am sure what I said is proven today! Around the nation, we saw that against all odds, teachers did a great job in filling the gap, be it via viber,  google-meet, zoom, Telikilaas or any other modes. For many teachers, online meetings would have been very new, yet defied and overcame to reach the target. And vast majority are today equipped to comfortably use G suit for education. Surely a change that would have a long lasting positive impact. 

The best change is the change in the way we believe. Today every parent will believe that online classes does help! Yes, it is not an alternative to face to face teaching.  Every student would know it is an  additional means to get help, and every teacher I hope believes that this is again one more tool to be well used. 

We are in an era of technology and ever moving towards a virtual friendly education, this is a big step to prepare the kids for the real world. Challenges does exist. Misuse will occur, yet this is  step we should have taken years back, and I am surely optimistic that we have taken the first step throughout the nation at once and hope we won't set back and move ahead.