Four observations.

One factor that changed humans and brought up to a higher level is the ability to communicate things that comes to our mind. We communicate each other for so many reasons. One such communication is the official meetings that we see today. Today my focus is toward the meetings. Indeed, some observations that I made. Most of the meetings that I attended recently, I made 4 common observations.

Some do not turn up for the meeting though invited.
Now, let us look from the side of the person who invited us. He might have made so many preparations, just for us. He would have sure sacrificed many other things on his daily schedule just for us. And we ignore? How rude will I be to you, had you been the one who invited me? So, if your invited for a meeting, and your unable to attend, surely it will be nice for the both sides just to communicate that your unable to attend.

Some turn up late.
Better late than never, people say. Yes. Maybe! But then, even if you turn up late, let’s not forget we were been invited for a particular time. Will it not be nice if we try just a little more to make it on time. Seriously, that will help both the sides. You’re happy you won’t miss anything important. And the one who invited is happy that they didn't have to worry that you may not turn up.

Some forgets that they were invited.
That is the only reason that comes to my mind. In many meetings, I have seen some among the audience repeatedly talking, chatting etc. Well, for a valid reason someone may need to attend a call or text even if in a meeting. Yet, I don’t think that will last for hours that we spend in the meeting. Moreover, I am sure we do not attend meeting just to have a good chat with the one sitting next to us. Surely, its irritating when you keep commenting about every single word the speaker says!

Some are story tellers.
It happens that in some meetings, for some of us, once we start giving our speech, we forget to stop. Well, there are people who are real busy. There are some who might have attended the meeting just because they respect your invitation though they were not well. Respect them. Trust me, taking hours in your speech and people at the end of your speech thinking that you just gave 4 or 5 simple messages it crazy. We need to respect the audience and make it short. No two hour long stories please.

For us, as an individual, each of this may be something quite simple. Yet, as a whole society, this is something that will have a huge impact, if each of us takes our responsibility. Well, I am reminding these to myself too. How I wish, I will be able to attend a meeting without the above mentioned issues. How nice will it be.