I am back...

It was Friday, July 25, 2008 that I made the first post on this blog. Yes! The day I started as a blogger.

At times I was able to post some articles that I believe many accepted, though at times some of my posts, even I found not so important. Well, that really didn't matter much. This is my blog and I am never claiming to be such a great mind to make every single post of mine a "must read" for you all. What matters more was that I contribute my views and thinking, which sure, some will accept and others may reject.

My last post on blogger was long back! Well it was last year September. I have been trying to start back on blogging, yet , different factors has stopped for various reasons. They say, its better late than never. Here I am, with one more try, hoping that even with the very last thread, I could hold back. I hope, Alif Laam Gaaf is back with a new hope and an even higher determination, to continue as a blog that presents to you posts with at least one reason for you to read.  :)

Now, just let me not end the post by merely saying I will be back. Just enjoy this very inspirational video  by Nick Vujicic , that I am sure you'd love.
Hope you will continue to visit my simple blog.

Photo: http://go.bloomberg.com/euro-crisis/2012-06-20/how-much-will-spanish-borrowers-pay-back-to-the-banks/