Local Council Elections??? May Not be a very good news.

Everyone is talking about the local council elections that we will face as early as November or a bit later than that. All the leading political parties of the country are getting ready for the race. The supporters of the parties are trying their best to make sure their party wins most of the seats.

The local councils mainly consists of Island Councils and Atoll Councils. For the capital Male' there will be a City Council. Here I present some facts and predictions that comes to my mind.

The Cost: Lets make some simple calculations.

There are 200 inhabited islands in the country, which means 200 island councils. Each island council have a minimum 5 members. So a total of at least 1000island councilors. Lets say the salary of a councilors is MRF12000. [1000×12,000=12000000] That was a MRF12million per month.
There are 20 atolls in the country, which means 20 atoll councils. Each atoll council have a minimum 5 members. So a total of at least 100atoll councilors. Lets say the salary of a councilor is MRF20000. [100×20,000=2000000] That was a MRF2million per month.

The Outcome:
The out comes of the local council elections could be taken in two ways.

1. The islands will be run and administered by a group of people elected by a direct vote of people rather than a mere selection. People will have a say in their developments and various other decision making processes. This sounds good, civilized and more democratic. The long hope of the people to see their former island chiefs replaced by elected members will come to a reality.

2. However, just like in the Parliamentary election, we will see party members dominating the election. The result will be.... many if not all, credible people will lose the chance to give a good competition in election, both inside and outside party. Inside the parties, the "activists"(as often called), will be able to get more support than the quiet educated people. At the same time, there will be less chance for the people to get a seat unless they get a party ticket regardless of the education, knowledge or credibility. As a result we will see the same power struggle that we see in Parliament. There we are spending MRF4.7million [77 × 62000=4774000] every month, though we hardly see any productive work done which is in the interest of people.

If the second situation that I mentioned happens, which I very much think will happen, the benefit we would get will far too be less than the cost we have to pay. If then it will mean more than MRF18Million, (18774000) been paid for the Parliament and councils every single month, which hardly brings anything more than a show of selfishness, mismanagement and power struggle.

Unless and until, we act wisely, the upcoming election is no a good news. It could easily turn into another money shredder.

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