Is MDP selling Maldives.

MDP is selling Maldives. This has become on of the big topics of the week. Politicians seems to be very much in love with the issue.

We need to seriously look at the matter if we hear that our nation is going to be sold. At least that's what I feel. Lets see whats going on.

This topic was first taken by IDP leader Umar Naseer as far as my knowledge, with regard to increasing the tourist resorts lease period to another 15 years making it to a total of 50years. DRP followed, but of causue with hesitation and caution as some DRP leaders too will benefit if the change was ever done. Mr. Gasim Ibrahim and his fellow member of the Jumhooree Party were extremely silent on this matter. No wonder! Mr Gasim owns a couple of resorts too. After few protests the topic went off.

NOW, it seems the problem is even more critical. The only International Air Port in the country is going to be sold!!! (hey, don't tell me that we have 2 International Air Ports. I'm from Addu:P.. I know the truth) The government says they are not going to sell the airport. Indeed they are going to give the management to an international group and a share of the airport stake to them in return for the investments that are needed in the air port. Well, I think that would be a very nicely arranged words by the government. I think it will not be wrong to say that the government is going to sell a 50% or a bit less share of the airport to a multinational business. In that case what opposition says is right.

Why is government selling our nation, our capital, our sovereignty and our national pride? I'd try to answer in the best way I can.

First, let me make it very clear to you that we are living in a globalizing world. In today's world, if not the best, the most appropriate economic system in place is market economic system. The first and the best thing any government can do is to privatize the government owned businesses.

Second, we need to improve a lot in our country and that demands for huge investments which we cannot once again expect to come to us by the mercy of the other countries. Yes, we cant always ask to give a fish, rather its time to ask to teach us how to catch a fish.

Third, its time to understand that every foreign investment does not mean Boaraa viyafaariverin to us. Its high time we accept that we are part of the world economy and try to get on with business. If there is good regulation and the good governance, there is no point of worrying about the national sovereignty or national best interest. That will be protected and taken care of.

Fourth, already we do have such investments like Dhiraagu, MWSC which we never found is working against our sovereignty.

Fifth, I think there is a lot deal of personal interest rather than national interest in this issue. I will not say that it is because Mr. Gasim own an airport. Rather, I believe it is more about the political interest for the up coming election.

So, I think the big talk that is going on, saying that government is trying to sell our sovereignty baseless.

I can think of just two reasons for the claims.
1. To gain support and sympathy in the up coming election

hmmm Guess they didn't read their Economics book well.
I cant say they don't know, at least I wont say it.