Auditing the Auditor General

According to Auditor general office official website, Mr. Ibrahim Naeem was appointed as the first independent Auditor General of Maldives on 16th January 2008.
I still did not forget the very promising speech that he gave in his first news conference. According to the official website of the Auditor general, they mainly focus on performance audit, governance audit and risk based audits. Well and good.

I just have few things that keeps disturbing me to believe that our auditor general is as independent as he should be.

A track record of the audit history itself is a bit difficult to understand. So far 17 audit reports is been published. Since the commence of Auditor generals office in January 2008, the first audit report was published on 29th May 2008. This was followed by two reports in June and one in September.

Then came the big month of our presidential election. 8 audit reports were published on October 2008 which also included, the Audit report of the Presidential Office which then the President Maumoon described as a time bomb. This is a 47% of all the audit reports so far published by the Auditor general. Thank you Aduditor General Naeem. You did try to show reality before we went near the ballot boxes.

So far so good. Ya it is. But here is what I say needs to be done. I did hear the auditor general saying that they will give priority to the areas in which people have most stake. If then, why is that we still did not see the audit report of the MDP and DRP. I think most of the people even doesn't know the so called Maldivian Social Democratic Party. Is the auditor generals time bomb report in 2008 just before the presidential election and the Presidential Palace audit report just before that parliamentary election really a coincidence? I don't think so.

I wish by coincidence, the audit report for 2008 of Commissioner of election comes before this election. I also wish we get another tsunami of audit reports before the upcoming election. And hope this tsunami will include all the political parties, Commissioner of election, and the present Peoples Majlis. If this is not the case, I don't think it'd be wrong if I say we need to audit our Auditor general , especially on his performance.