Theemuge (The Presidential Palace) for rent.

The government has changed. The new government says they don't wont big palaces anymore(of cause not any bigger than Muleeaage+ Hilaaleege). The economy is not very stable, yet people are demanding fore more salary, more development and more of everything that they wish to have. Government say they don't have enough money because the former government was too much corrupted and wasting.

I have an idea!! How about giving Theemuge for rent to an international Hotel group???
I say this after getting an email today in which I got nearly 40 different photos of the famous expensive palace of Maldives.

There is no need to keep these things untouched. Rather we could make use of them in a more productive way than opening a few offices in here. Why spend when we can get????

You may say I am crazy to talk about giving our prestigious presidential palace for rent. True. But I am not stupid enough to hope to see our foreign minster once again becoming our Begging minister either.

As these are photos that I received from an email, there is no reference that I could provide to these photos.

I don't see any reason why we cant rent this palace at a very high rate: This is a luxury hotel in the small capital of the "heaven", if to say as "people"says.

More than that, this was a presidential palace. Hey to add more spice; the presidential palace of the 30 years ruler. Mr. Maumoon

If we can create few million dollars by giving this palace, isn't that worth trying? I think so.

I think this will also be a good area where our new president can attract a lot of foreign investments. Remember? He loves FDI as much as he loves Madam Lailaa:)

So just rent this palace for about 5 years in an international bid and get the economics machine back on track!!!!

{The photos in this post are few that I selected from an email that I received. Since it is an email there is no reference I could give. To the most what I can say is its an email I received from my younger sister}