Rajje' Islam vi dhuvas- ANOTHER LIE IN HISTORY.

They say that tomorrow, the 2nd of Rabi Ul Aakhir was the day Maldives embraced Islam. Just one simple question. How did you know?

Firstly, whether we like it or not, our country is a nation with a very little, evidence based history. Most of the history comes to us from the least authentic evidence in finding history which is folk evidence. There are hardly few archaeological evidence or documentary evidence found. If any such is found its mostly a piece of a temple or some idols, which of cause tells nothing about embracing Islam.

Second, even if there is any thing that we know from history, it is true that our history is very much "an edited story". There are very much biased events and logically unacceptable happenings. The famous Rannamaari which is been taught in our schools till date is one such story. And in this 21st century we are been asked to believe that and say its time to celebrate embracing Islam.

More over, a teacher of mine, told me that if the Center for Linguistic and History can prove that it was Abul Barakaath Yousuful Barbaree who was behind our embrace to Islam, he will prove to them that it was Yousuful Thabreyzee who was behind and also that he was not from Morocco and that he was from Addu Meedhoo. I don't know. All I know is that neither of these people saw it in reality and both are providing proves they have. Maybe one day we will know the truth.

Last, there is no single nation on the recent history that embraced Islam or any other religion at once or in a very short period of time. If then how can we expect Maldives to embrace Islam is such a short period? There are two reasons to believe that it wont happen.
1- This is an island nation. Sending the "order" to embrace Islam around the country itself will take more than 3 months. Remember we are talking about centuries back.
2- Before embracing Islam, Buddhism was there. Now we say we love our religion so much. Should we really expect our forefather not to be loving their religion? Honestly speaking, I don't think so.

Therefore I think we celebrating tomorrow as a day of embracing Islam, it will be nothing more than an another lie in history.

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