I Told You so

On 7th August 2008, the day we got the new(ratified) constitution, I told you that there were Too many fouls in the first half I too said that we must play the second half in a more meaningful and responsible way. What are we doing now? Are we performing well enough?

The government

The most important point about the government after the adoption of new Constitution is that the government has changed. The then opposition MDP is now heading the government and the DRP has moved from government to opposition.

The question is how the government is doing so far. Rather than going for a very narrow judgment, let me share certain facts about the new government. The government has increased the salary of all civil servants. Thank you Anni. There is a councilor for almost every island and atoll, all of whom are political appointees. oh Is this another gang to control vote boxes? There are appointed member in the Majlis from this government too. They came from roof I guess rather than from back door. There was a Home Minister in the new government for only 22days. He slapped Anni just the way he slapped Maumoon.:) One of the other allies of the Vathan Edhey Gothah, Dr Hassan is no more in government.

"The jail is in jeopardy" said a security of penitentiary. He said the Jail councilor is above all the laws and that he can enter 'anywhere in jail anytime without any passes with mobiles and cigarettes, though it is not allowed for anyone to do it. The government that promised less spending on political posts is more than ever "TOP HEAVY" with so many ministers, deputies, state ministers and envoys. The gang fights, and street violence is out of control just like before.

With huge promises been made, I see the expectations of people going higher than ever and still government is silent about the real economic situation of the country and the world. In short, I see more of unfulfilled promises been made again and again and very little been done.Government is trying its level best to persuade the people of the importance of MDP getting majority in Majlis. Hehe when Maumoon government was having majority it was a crime but when it comes to MDP it is an essential for democracy. Once again the g So, Not very good yet, but maybe too early to say the government failed.


the new member to the opposition was DRP which also represents the largest political party in country according to Election Commission.
If we look at the opposition, one of the most active members of opposition is IDP, with productive criticisms though at times they talk mere nonsense. DRP seems to be in trouble with a huge struggle to get rid of the 30 years of history hanging on behind them.Moreover there is a prover struggle going on with former information minister Nasheed and DRP. Protests are now very common, schools are been closed at times, island offices and hospitals are locked. There is one important point to be noticed here. In almost every protest that we saw, we also did see MDP members directly or indirectly disturbing the protesters. Doesn't sound like a tolerant democracy!! The opposition seems to be helpless and hopeless when it comes to persuading the public that the government does not need a Majlis majority to run government.

So, at the end I think the second half is not going well either. If this is the case our democracy may not be very lifelong though not as short as Amin Didi's democracy.