KAASHIDHOO Tharaagandu.

This weekend I got a chance to visit K. Kaashidhoo. I expected it to be a small island if not very small. At least that's what I heard. But, when I went I found that Kaashidhoo was not a small island. Though not as big as Hithadhoo, Kaashidhoo sure is a big island. The most important place that I was shown was the Kaashidhoo Tharaagandu, which as far as I know is the ruins of an a temple used by the Maldivians before the people embraced Islam.

This was a "protected" area in the island. There is controversy among some Maldivians now on whether we should protect such a place as a historical place or not. I don't know. I am not going to comment on that issue, at least not now. Maybe you can give your views on whether we need to protect such places or not. All I wanted was to share a photo of this historical Tharaagandu with the readers of my blog.