01 March 2009

KAASHIDHOO Tharaagandu.

This weekend I got a chance to visit K. Kaashidhoo. I expected it to be a small island if not very small. At least that's what I heard. But, when I went I found that Kaashidhoo was not a small island. Though not as big as Hithadhoo, Kaashidhoo sure is a big island. The most important place that I was shown was the Kaashidhoo Tharaagandu, which as far as I know is the ruins of an a temple used by the Maldivians before the people embraced Islam.

This was a "protected" area in the island. There is controversy among some Maldivians now on whether we should protect such a place as a historical place or not. I don't know. I am not going to comment on that issue, at least not now. Maybe you can give your views on whether we need to protect such places or not. All I wanted was to share a photo of this historical Tharaagandu with the readers of my blog.


  1. salaam
    thanks for sharin' those pics & information wit us. i wanna say dat the place in kaashidhoo isn't a place we shud preserve as a historical place, cox its a temple used by maldivians before they embraced to Islam and now maldivians say dat they are 100% muslims. so in my opinion a 100% muslim country should not have such places preserved.
    thanks alot.. hoping to see more information soon.. salaam

  2. Just because you try to cover it up. The true fact is we were Buddhists. No matter what you do, this won't change. Islam was forced on us, and people don't want to talk about it. Not saying Islam is bad, just saying that you can't ignore the truth about life and our origins.

  3. Comeon man don't say Islam was forced on us. If u were forced into it, u definitely won't stay in it in this era of democracy. I think we should indeed preserve the places like that cos it gives historical value. It doesn't do our religion any harm cos no one is going to worship the historical site anyways. We will preserve it cos it gives historical value.
    For more information u can visit Kaashidhoo.org

  4. Actually, I am thankful to be born a Muslim. That being said, Islam was indeed most likely forced on the then inhabitants of Maldives. The Isdhoo Loamaafaanu suggests such and is the one written document that has been preserved until today. Please consider releasing these pictures to the public on Creative Commons. The wikipedia page on Kuruhinna Tharaagandu can likely benefit from these. Thanks


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