Bid for Home minister.

Let me put my idea without going around the bush.

ON November 11th 2008, after taking the office, President Nasheed handed over the Home ministy to Mr Gasim Ibrahim due to several reasons.
{ for the information of you, it includes the following. He is the rich business man Buruma. He is the leader of Jumhooree Party. He was the second last Finance minister of the Maumoon government. He was a key player of the Yathan edhey gothah. He was an important figure in opposition and also he had the promised job of home ministry}


Mr. Gasim was able stay in office for only 22 days. And since then THERE IS NO HOME MINISTER IN THE COUNTRY. President seems to find very hard to select some one because a good cast to the post is so rare.

Thus, it will be a good idea to open up the opportunity to apply to become the Home minister of the country. (maybe an international bid is better:P) Then life of our president will be easier. Come on. We need to do something like this, there is no home minister in this country since last december.