04 March 2009

Aneesa Ahmed....a lady or a gentle man???

Did you watch the Majlis today? Every time I see the vice president chairing the parliament I see a lady. Am I right? Or is there anything wrong in my eyes? Have a look and tell me. Here is the present vice president of the Maldivian Parliament.

As far as I know she is a lady. And she is the vice president of the Parliament. And when in absence of the Parliament president, she chairs the Parliament as the vice president and not the president.

However, I always see the IZZAHTHERI MEMBERS of majlis keeps on addressing her as "izzahtheri Raees". Are they insane???

She is a lady.

If they assume that she'd be acitng as president, then it must be Raeesaa not Raees

If they assume her as the vice president it should be Naaibaa Raees. (Naaibu Raeesa is wrong dhivehi as it'd change the president to a lady)

You know I felt like not to say this. But to tell you the truth I really don't know if these members are crazy to go on addressing a lady as a gentleman when she is right in front of them. If these Izzahtheri members are unable to differentiate between a lady and a gent, can they represent us and our rights? I doubt.

Photo: www.vom.gov.mv


  1. hey... i doubt, Is Dhivehi a LANGUAGE???

  2. she is a money grubbin sycophantic witch. thats what she is.

  3. Dhivehi of cause is a language. a language that has the smell and taste of many countries just like we who are a mixture.
    If there is a specific measure to calculate the language, I do believe Dhivehi will be measured as a language.

  4. Dhivehi is not Arabic.


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