Party Vs Partey

Parties and Parteys may be the most well known words that we have in our society today. Party, I am sure I don’t have to explain any more. Parteys of cause is a new word that we started using recently as a nick name for drug addicts. Quiet different terms, you may think. But when I look at the two words, or the groups I do see more than enough similarities.
Parteys are very common in Maldives. There are a large percentage of youths involved in the using of drugs though it is not something good in anyway. Likewise, so many people are involved in politics, though just few of them reach their destination.
Parteys are famous as gangsters who have very good relation among themselves. Indeed that is why we call them Parteys. If so, how about the many factions of politicians joining and forming their own interest groups? And simply like Parteys we call their groups Parties!!
In Maldives we see politicians moving from one party to another just as if they are changing their shirts. They fail to settle in a particular party and accept the ideas of others. The same thing is found among Parteys! They keep shifting from one gang to another and they also keep one struggling for power which sometimes ends in disasters. The state this country now in is enough as an example for a disaster due to power struggle among politicians.
Next is the so called dark side of the two sides. When Parteys takes bribes very openly for fight and other “missions”, parties (its members) takes the bribe very secretly for the votes. Good example will be the wining of the Peoples Majlis presidency by an opposition candidate. Here the point is not who won, yet how they won or lost counts. The sudden turning of the result to an entirely different angle is surely not a coincidence.
At last, we will never know what they will say, how they will talk, where they will be tomorrow. Whether it be a Party or Partey, the trend is the same.