05 October 2008

A Teachers request

Today is 5th October; the day world celebrates as the teacher’s day. Every year on this day we see some celebrations going on. Even today 'our education minister' Ms. Zahiya Zareer gave a nice speech with beautiful words, wonderful sentences and uncountable praises
I just wonder if this is how it should be done. Does our society accept the role of teachers? I don’t think so. If so, I should justify my point, Right? Here it is.
The governments always remember the teachers on 5th October...That is when the honorable education minister sends his/her remarkable speech with so much of praising and thanks to the teachers. This will be the time to remind the teachers of their duty, warn the teacher of their responsibility, and show them where they have failed. hehehe happy teacher’s day. Remarkably this year’s teacher’s day is very important. This big day comes just few months after many teachers stayed back at home for one day due to the low pay. It is very important that we recall what happened then. We did see how some of our MP’s tried to change the image of teachers. In very simple terms, we did see some trying to make teachers to cheaters.
This is also true with the parents and students with whom the teachers are to deal around the year. The truth is that the teachers are doing what the parents could not do for their own kids. Yet, they often are very keen to blame the teachers rather than accepting what they did. The unfortunate reality is that in our society, teacher s are not respected by students, accepted by many parents, and valued by government. IT is only on teacher’s day that everyone knows that teachers do a Nobel job.
Now on this teacher’s day, I, as someone who is among this group of teachers have one humble request. Please... please… please... Don’t send us gifts via the students. Don’t send us cards either. That is not going to make teachers happy. A card send once a year and those gifts are nothing compared to accepting the works of teachers. That is more than enough.
At the end…I wish all the teachers a happy teacher’s day and hope and wish for a day our society will recognize the work of teachers.

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